Shipping, Tax, & Refunds (NO REFUNDS)

Idaho sales tax of 6% and a flat $7.50 shipping / credit card processing fee are charged on each card ordered and included in the total price of each card. Cards are shipped via US Postal Service, and delivery usually takes 5 to 7 business days from order date. TRACKING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR VIP PASS SHIPPING. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery before contacting Teetiming about orders. If you are in need of faster delivery, please contact Teetiming by email or text message to see if pickup or special delivery can be arranged.

IMPORTANT: DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS. WE WILL MAIL TO THE ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE, ERRORS AND ALL. Most shipping address errors are the result of customers carelessly submitting an order with an incorrect address. If you place an order with an incorrect address in the checkout process, regardless of the cause or your intention, there is an additional Order Re-Processing Fee (link below) of $7.50 fee (per card) to have new card(s)  issued. If an order is cancelled because you provided an incorrect address and you do not want to pay the $7.50 fee (per card) to have new card(s) issued, a $20 accounting fee (per card) will be deducted from the refund amount.

Click HERE to reprocess your order if the address you provided previously was not correct.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. DO NOT ORDER A CARD IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU WANT IT. If you change your mind after ordering a card, if you inadvertently order a card (such as meaning to order a card for one course but accidentally order a card for another course), if you place an order for too many cards because you did not notice that the quantity in your cart is affected EVERY time you click the "ADD TO CART" button, Teetiming.com may opt to accept the return of an unused card for a $20 restocking/accounting fee (per card). Under no circumstances will cards be accepted for return after 30 days from date of purchase. In RARE circumstances, Teetiming.com may allow a customer to swap an unused card for a new card to a different course withing 30 days of purchase. However, such a swap is ONLY done with advanced written authorization from Teetiming.com. Please, DO NOT SEND A CARD BACK THROUGH THE MAIL WITH A NOTE EXPECTING TEETIMING.COM TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you send a card back to Teetiming.com without return authorization, you authorize Teetiming.com to destroy, resell, give away (free), or do anything with the card without compensation to you. Refunds or replacement cards will not be given because a card is lost, stolen, destroyed, or otherwise unusable. Refunds or replacement cards will not be given if the shipping address provided to Teetiming.com is actually your old address where your ex-wife/husband lives and there's no chance the ex will give you the card. Refunds or replacement cards will not be given if you don't notice that the shipping address in your order is actually an old shipping address that you forgot to remove from your Paypal account. Refunds or replacement cards (particularly for the next year) will not be given because you had a hip, knee, shoulder, or other surgery or were out of town too much to use the card and the card was not used. All orders placed through Teetiming.com are subject to review and may be cancelled (without limitation) at Teetiming.com's sole discretion. If an order is cancelled by Teetiming.com prior to shipping, Customer shall be entitled only to a full refund of the purchase amount. The offers and promotions presented on VIP Passes and Boise Brew Card are those of the individual Merchants (e.g. the golf courses, breweries, Boise Brew Card, etc.) and not of Act On Marketing LLC (AOM). Customer(s), purchasers, and/or user(s) of the cards or offers sold by or through Teetiming.com/AOM and its affiliates/partners absolve AOM and Teetiming.com of any and all liability for damages, losses or expenses which may arise or be in consequence of merchants fulfilling or failing to fulfill (to any degree, standard, quality, or quantity) obligations, offers, or promises on VIP Passes or Boise Brew Card, regardless of the cause, including but not limited to merchant being unable to offer services due to government mandated closure (due to war, natural disaster, illness/disease/viral outbreak, act of God, etc.) or cessation of merchant's business operations for any reason. Customer understands and agrees that Teetiming.com and AOM shall not be liable for any loss incurred by Customer in using, attempting to use, or being unable to use cards or offers sold through Teetiming.com or Act On Marketing.